sábado, 27 de noviembre de 2010

Plans For my Future :D

Some plans I would love to meet are:

1.-I'm going to work in the family bussines.
2.-I will Winning enough to help my mother and move to a safer place and quiet.
3.-I'm going to graduate in 2014.
4.- I will study english in another country.
..And finally..I´m going to fight for my Dreams.

viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010

My University Campus..

This is my university campus. that although it looks small in the picture is large and secure. We have 7 buildings where students receive more class laboratories as photography, computing and others. in our university we also have our own television channel and transmitter and recreational areas such as the multipurpose court and baseball field.

Harvard ★ Urbe

Was founded in 1636, is the old and most prestigious university
U.S. one of its programs include postgraduate and careers. In order to study there all inte
rnational students must meet certain requirements and formularios. On first place complete the application for admission to the university. This form must be accompanied by a bank to pay for the implementation of academic procedures, along with the documentation necessary to submit two letters of recommendation from two teachers..

To different of..

Was founded in 1989. This a university of Venezuela(Mcbo,Zulia). To
enter several requirements must be met. As pre-registration deposit any of the authorized institutions. bring proof of deposit to remove a rector and return, a
fter filling should
be Get us together with proof identification card and a photocopy of the student .. to finish the enrollment process must deliver a certificate of title of Bachelor ..

Harvard To URBE difference does not present evidence of admission.

lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

Family in Venezuela

Venezuelan families is nothing more than another culture full of positive and negative events, consists of 3 or 4 people, parents today would rather not have more than 2 children for the bad economic situation. It is not only in Venezuela but all over the world there is a high percentage of teenage pregnancies.

A Venezuelan family likes to share, celebrate for any activity that take place.

I love my Country. I love their culture, I love Venezuela! I just hope they reach a moment of peace and solution to existing problems!

What errands do you do often?

I usually in the mornings I wake up, take shower, brush my theet,
I get dressed and then go to University!
When I get home, I make lunch, then took a nap and woke do the work, under my room or play with my puppy.
I really do not do much!

martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

My First homework

This is my first homework, creating a Wordle is a box with variations of words literally made art (you can do so by following the link www.wordle.net is really cool), specifically the words the volume of the partner group i was the day that clack and depending on the answers to some questions will be made, but as i was alone I'll do my.

Hope you like it, any criticism will be well recived, until then .. Remember my name is Josely Hernandez.

                   Wordle: URBE