viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010

Harvard ★ Urbe

Was founded in 1636, is the old and most prestigious university
U.S. one of its programs include postgraduate and careers. In order to study there all inte
rnational students must meet certain requirements and formularios. On first place complete the application for admission to the university. This form must be accompanied by a bank to pay for the implementation of academic procedures, along with the documentation necessary to submit two letters of recommendation from two teachers..

To different of..

Was founded in 1989. This a university of Venezuela(Mcbo,Zulia). To
enter several requirements must be met. As pre-registration deposit any of the authorized institutions. bring proof of deposit to remove a rector and return, a
fter filling should
be Get us together with proof identification card and a photocopy of the student .. to finish the enrollment process must deliver a certificate of title of Bachelor ..

Harvard To URBE difference does not present evidence of admission.

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